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Broughton Road
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We worked with our clients to transform this dilapidated terraced house from a ruin to one of the best homes on the street. Tree roots growing through the brickwork, missing roofing and over a hundred years of neglect left the house in such a state of disrepair that we had to rebuild it almost in its entirety.

We added an L-shaped loft conversion, lowered the ground floor for increased ceiling height and built side and rear extensions. This four double bed, three bath house is complete with a bespoke kitchen and bespoke joinery throughout.

The house optimises open plan living designed for the mixed used of a family household. The large formal living room at the front with wide open steps providing a sense of separation through to the kitchen, dining, living area at the rear and into the garden. Natural materials have been used throughout with sandstone slabs externally and oak flooring, stairs and joinery flowing from room to room creating a serine and calm house perfect for modern family living.This project was a real labour of love and one of our favourites.